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Pappy's Deli - Dine and Whine

About Pappy's Deli

Previous Entry Pappy's Deli Feb. 25th, 2006 @ 10:48 am Next Entry
Pappy's Deli and Pub
2627 Ryan St # A
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Hours of Operation:
Sundays-Saturdays, I think. not sure of opening time-9pm

Date visited: February 24, 2006

Type of eatery: Grill and Bar

Dish we ordered: Cheeseburger, fries, Philly cheesecake, fountain drink.
Mom: Cheeseburger, onion rings, side of fries, decaf coffee, Philly cheesecake
Sister: Chicken nuggets, fries, triple threat (chocolate) cake, fountain drink.

What we got: Freshly cooked cheeseburgers made to our specifications, fresh steak fries, fresh chicken nuggets (piled high on the fries on the plate), very thin seasoned onion rings, chilled pieces of cake.

Price paid: $14.33 for all of this.

The burgers were quite good, cooked well and on toasted buns. I cannot personally review the chicken, but I could tell that my sister liked it. The fries were very good steak fries. They were thicker, but not too thick and had a very good flavor to them. I tried the onion rings even though I really don't like onions. There were obviously not vidalia onions. However, they were not bad. I just didn't care for them.

They have two types of cheesecake if both are available - Philly cheesecake and New York cheesecake. I know this from a previous time when I was looking for a place that sold cheesecake. The cake are not made there and they are from the manufacturers. However, they are still very good and not like froze cakes you buy at the grocery store. The Philly cheesecake has more of a cream cheese taste while the New York cheesecake has more of a sour cream taste. They are both very good. The New York cheesecake has more of a graham cracker type crust.

I also tried the Triple Threat. It has a chocolate crust and then it has all kinds of layers on it. I remember that we were told it has brownie and chocolate mousse. It also had another layer of something chocolate. Then, on the back, there are chocolate chips. It is extremely rich. If you are in the mood for a rich chocolate dessert, this is very good. However, avoid it if your stomach isn't going to be able to handle a rich dessert.

The service there is wonderful when it's not busy. I do not know what it is like when the place is busy as I've never stayed there when it's been busy. I've been there only to pick up food and bring home while it's been busy and it does seem to get a bit confusing.

However, this time we were served and they even made sure to make decaf coffee rather than saying "we're out" when they were able to make it.

The fountain drinks were fountain drinks. There's nothing to really review there, except to say that you can choose to have a fountain drink (which you can refill) or a 20 oz. bottle (which you can't refill).

They were out of the catfish that my sister was going to order at first.

They serve seafood and gumbo as well as burgers and chicken.

The atmosphere is the typical sports bar atmosphere.

There's a television there that usually has a sports playing. However, if the place is not busy and a group of people want to watch a certain program, they are welcome to change the channel. (We watched Disney and the WB).

On the tables you'll find all the condiments, including tabasco peppers. The salt and pepper shakers are old beer bottles with holes punched in the caps. (This is something I've only seen in Louisiana, maybe it's a cultural thing?)

It is noisy as the case that chills the 20 oz. bottles runs quite often and there are gaming machines that are constantly making noise. It also gets noisy with refilling cups with ice and fountain drinks.

As it is a typical sports bar, smoking is allowed. It's not bad when there are only a few people who smoke, but if there are a lot of smokers, it is difficult to breathe.

Rating: **** (4 stars)

Would I eat there again: Yes. The food is good and it is a place in Lake Charles with a great reputation.
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