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Dine and Whine

Eat Out and Speak Out!

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Welcome to Dine and Whine, where livejournal users who love food and talking about food come to review eateries of all kinds--from restaurants and bars to hot dog stands, stadiums, and open-air catch-what-you-eat sushi. If you've always wanted to be a food critic and have someone care, this is the place for you!

To keep things running smoothly and make being a part of this community as enjoyable as possible, we have some rules. Check 'em out:

A. Currently, membership is moderated. The odds of us rejecting someone's request is very low, but we will take a look at your userinfo to make sure you're not a troll or, gasp, some kind of anti-foodite. All members will be able to post reviews.

B. As should be clear from above, no trolling. You troll, you get banned.

C. NO FLAME WARS. We're just here to talk about food, folks; leave your ideologies at home. Flamers get one warning; after that, they get banned faster than you can say "foie gras."

A. Reviews should contain the following information:
- Eatery name, address, and phone number. If they've got a web site, include the URL. (If you're not sure if a restaurant has a web presence, do a google search. It'll take two seconds.)
- Date visited (anything from "Tuesday May 10th, 2005" to "many times" to "last July" is fine)
- What you ordered. If you're including the opinions of your dining companions, tell us what they ordered, too.
- An estimate of the cost of the food (actual prices are fabulous if you have them)
- A discussion of the food and its quality and value (duh)
- A mention of the ambience, quality of service, accessibility, and/or anything else you think is important for the reader to know.
- A rating out of five stars: one star is a very poor dining experience, and five stars is a fantastic dining experience.
- Ninjas. Because everything's better with ninjas.

B. And for the love of all that is pure and holy, USE SPELLCHECK.

C. Keep reviews constructive (not necessarily positive, but constructive) and ON TOPIC. The place you visited might be hosting a lot of really cool bands next week, or maybe you had a great discussion about wallpaper with the bartender, but this isn't the place to discuss it. Keep the focus on the food.

Join us, and share your reviews! Who knows, you could become famous in a livejournal sort of way.

-- your fearless moderators are noncalorsedumor and actionjbone --